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Sooo yea

I haven't been keeping track but I feel like I've slightly improved myself this year so far. I have been reading more, and even though I'm not counting calories or taking drastic measures I have started to eat a little healthier.

One area I lack is the exercising. I just can't find the time to keep a definate gym schedule, and when I find free time I always find I'd rather spend it taking a nap or something similar.

Well, I'm starting my first college classes tomorrow. I'm not going away my first year, but I will be starting at a community college. I'm pretty excited, but also nervous. I screwed around in high school so I'm determined to succeed and do well in college. Hopefully this motivation stays consistant for the next 6 years...I'm aiming for a Masters in Psychology...but then I'll hopefully get into Med school, which adds another...2-4 yrs? Oh well, it'll be worth it.

I'll try and keep a track record this summer, maybe I'll get to the gym more.