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Big Changes!

Okay, I need to completely re-think my 2007 goals. In the last two weeks I've discovered that my husband's job outlook is not quite as rosy as we'd assumed because the certiifcation that he was applying for changed their requirements and he's now no longer eligible without more education. I also found out that we're expecting our second baby in December 2007 -- which is a HUGE suprize considering that we required medical help to get pregnant with our first.

My original plan was to do five things; focus on positive thinking, move back to Oregon, get rid of random crap, take care of my body and take better control of our finances. I still want to do most of those things, but right now our family is in huge flux, and I need to re-focus and re-prioritize each of these goals.


1. Revel in the power of positive thinking.

This is HARD right now, because it feels like everything is falling down around our ears, but it's important for the same reason. I'm really focusing on thinking about prosperity -- that there will be enough money, that the job situation will work out, and that well be able to provide a reasonable maternity leave. I'm also really focusing on my feelings that this baby is absolutely meant to be and that because of that everything will work out. I'm trying to affirm that every day, but it's hard. I think I need a physical reminder of what I'm creating -- so I should find an appropriate one.

2. Move back to Oregon

Despite the fact that we really WANT to do this, it's looking less and less likely -- the money that we had earmarked for moving will now need to pay for birth costs and maternity leave. It's still a goal, but it's likely a goal that will need to be pushed into 2008. Instead, I'm going to focus on getting out of our current house and into something that's more appropriate for our growing family, which is going to take some doing of it's own!

3. The Crap Must DIE!

It's going to be a lot harder to reduce the crap in our house by 50% if I can give the absolute mountain of baby gear I've been piling up to someone else, but I'm still going to do it!

4. Take better care of my body

I think I'm going to table this goal. Not because I'm not doing it anymore, because I'm going to be taking better care of myself than ever, but because now instead of eating better and losing weight, I need to be focusing on a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby.

5. Don't Fear the Finances!

At this point, this goal is an absolute faliure... I am doing nothing BUT fearing the finances! Which means I need to focus on it more. My goal is going to be to end the year with enough money in the bank to pay for this baby's birth and a reasonable maternity leave, as well as some plan to handle daycare when I return to work or to work from home. Considering that I still don't have a job, and my husband may or may not be returning to school, this is going to be a challenge. First step needs to be consolidating my graduate loans to reduce interest and payments.


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Apr. 26th, 2007 11:58 pm (UTC)
OMG how exciting!!!
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